Outriders comes out in less than a day on consoles and the free demo is still available for you to check out if you’re not fully convinced about the game’s quality and whether it fits your interests. Although the free demo is available to play, there are lots of people asking: is Outriders cross platform? Seeing as a no can be a big deal breaker for some, here you’ll discover how to play crossplay co-op in Outriders across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The achievement list for the game has been revealed and you can check out the system requirements for computers on either the Epic Games Store or Steam. In addition, the game’s FAQ also stresses that the title is complete rather than games as a service, which will be welcomed news to many.

If you’re interested in the title but unsure about some of its multiplayer features, below you’ll discover if Outriders is cross platform.

Does Outriders have crossplay?

Yes, Outriders does have crossplay and cross platform multiplayer.

Per the game’s FAQ, Outriders is a crossplay supported title meaning you should be able to play with others in co-op action on PS4, Xbox One, and PC regardless of your platform.

The title costs £59.99 per the PSN store, but know that it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass for those who have that route available as a choice.

As for what the game is all about, the PSN store describes it as a 1-3 player co-op RPG set in a dark and desperate sci-fi universe.

If you choose to buy it now on PS4 and later get a PS5, know that you will have access to the next-gen version.

How to play cross platform co-op in Outriders

You need to manually activate cross platform co-op in Outriders to enjoy crossplay.

In order to manually activate cross platform in Outriders, you need to first complete the prologue and select your class.

Once you’ve done the above, proceed to the gameplay options and proceed to the very bottom.

Simply toggle Enable Crossplay from Off to On.

If you have a specific friend that you want to play with, you both need to do the above and then proceed to the Lobby.

Select Play with Friends, Generate your Game Code, and then share that code with your mate.

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