Why doesn’t Godzilla vs Kong have an end credits scene? Let’s get the decision explained. It wasn’t always that way, so will there be a sequel?

A string of exciting blockbusters are set to reach screens in 2021, from No Time to Die to Dune.

You will likely be aware that a wealth of movies were delayed last year and one of the latest to finally arrive on screens is Godzilla vs Kong, which was originally scheduled for a November 2020 release but was held back until March 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that it’s finally here, viewers are praising director Adam Wingard’s vision, which is a continuation of both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, serving as the fourth instalment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

It roared into cinemas and HBO max in the US on Wednesday, March 31st 2021, but why doesn’t Godzilla vs Kong have an end credits scene?

still from Godzilla vs Kong, Warner Bros., IMDb

Why doesn’t Godzilla vs Kong have an end credits scene?

  • Godzilla vs Kong doesn’t have an end credits scene because the sequence they shot for it was used within the movie instead.

This was confirmed by Adam Wingard while speaking with SYFY Wire: “We actually shot a post-credits scene but then we ended up using it in the movie.”

He added that it was “one of those things where we shot it as one idea, and we got into editorial and realized ‘we need a moment at a certain point in the movie,’ [so] we ended up taking that footage and using it in a different context in the movie and it really, really worked for us.”

Games Radar acknowledges that Adam revealed which scene was initially intended to be played during the end credits: “Without giving too much away, the actual ending of the film is from footage that we had taken from a post-credits scene. Being crafty in an indie movie way, we actually ended up using that.”

Is a sequel on the cards?

Both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters had post-credits scenes because they were teasing a subsequent film.

Both of the sequences which played during the credits of these films are elaborated on in Godzilla vs Kong. So, it would only make sense for Godzilla vs Kong to have an end credits scene if there is a forthcoming film to plug.

However, Legendary is yet to confirm whether another instalment of the MonsterVerse is on the cards. Acknowledging this important detail, Adam weighed in: “I think it’s 100 per cent the right choice [not to have a post-credits scene] because this is the crossroads for the Monsterverse.”

He also explained that despite there being no end credits teaser, the fate of the MonsterVerse is left open:

“Audiences have to vote if they want to see more of these or not. If people show up and like the movie, then there will be more. I think it’s better not to box ourselves into any corners, because ultimately, going forward, these movies need to be calibrated by what people like about the films. Not in a tired studio kind of way, but in a realistic, grounded ‘what are people responding to? What are they responding to?’ [kind of way].”

So, although no sequel has been officially announced, we could see Godzilla and Kong return to the screens to take on a new foe in the future if the 2021 film is financially successful. Deadline has reported that it’s expected to deliver the biggest domestic debut for a major studio movie since late March 2020), so it’s promising.

Godzilla vs Kong is now in cinemas and streaming on HBO Max.

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