A number of Counting On fans are wondering whether Anna Duggar is pregnant.

Anna Duggar is one of the stars on Counting On, which follows the Duggar family members, their spouses and children as they juggle through family responsibilities.

The new Duggar show Counting Now: A New Life debuted on TLC on March 30th, 2021 and many viewers have speculated whether Anna and Josh’s family is expanding with one more family member.

So, is Anna Duggar pregnant? Here’s what she said about the possibility of more children.

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Is Anna Duggar pregnant?

Anna Duggar hasn’t announced that she is pregnant. There are no news reports or statements from the TLC star that she is expecting another child.

The reason that many viewers have speculated about this possibility are recent pictures from Susanna Keller’s (Anna’s sister) baby shower in Florida.

Some of the reality star’s fans are convinced that she might be expecting a baby, however, as mentioned above she hasn’t confirmed that she is pregnant as of the time of writing.

When asked about whether she would have many children like her in-laws Jim Bob and Michelle, Anna explained to one fan on Instagram:

“So far our kids pretty much have a 2+ year gap between each one, at this rate number 20 would arrive when I’m 60. So no, I don’t think I will have 20. I’m thankful for the six children God has given us, and I’m just treasuring each day and leaving the future in HIS hands!”

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Anna and Josh Duggar: Children

Anna and Josh have six children together, called Mackynzie Renée, Michael James, Marcus Anthony, Meredith Grace, Mason Garrett and Maryella Hope.

Josh was the first of the Duggar siblings to tie the knot and he married Anna back in 2008.

The couple welcomed their sixth child, Maryella Hope, in November, 2019.

Which Duggar family member is pregnant?

Anna’s sister Susanna Keller is pregnant with her second baby.

Susanna revealed the pregnancy news back in October last year and her baby is due sometime in May 2021.

She is married to York Bridges, and is a mother to Noelle Keller whom she shares with former partner Jonathan Walsh.

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