Fortnite has now added dinosaurs and made crafting less of a pain, which is all awfully exciting for fans of the Epic Games battle royale scene. However, with the arrival of update 16.10, there has also been the emergence of an Anime Legends Pack. Here you’ll find the anime skins and bundle information leaked for the Fortnite Cyber Infiltration Pack bundle.

You can check out the patch notes for update 16.10, and there are also Easter outfits to look forward to via the Spring Breakout event.

While the Easter outfits look both cute and terrifying at the same time, below you’ll find the leaked Anime Legends skins for Fortnite via the Cyber Infiltration pack.

Leaked Fortnite Anime skins

Some new anime skins in Fortnite have been leaked following the 16.10 update.

These Anime Legends skins are said to come via a Cyber Infiltration Pack, and the outfits no doubt look fantastic for Fortnite.

No release date or price is known at this moment in time, but leaker iFireMonkey has shared what to expect.

The Cyber Infiltration Pack will come with the following:

  • Chigusa Outfit
  • Watchful Wabbit Back Bling

In addition, there will also be an Infiltration Tools Pack which contains the below Pickaxes:

  • Cutting Words Pickaxe
  • Rebel Authority Pickaxe
  • S1c3 Pickaxe/D1c3 Pickaxe

This is all that has been leaked about the Fortnite Anime Legends bundle so far.