April 1st is fast approaching which means one thing, April Fools Day! Here are seven hilarious pranks to play on your boyfriend.

Do you want to play a prank on your partner for April Fools Day? Well, look no further.

Here is a list of seven funny pranks that are bound to make your partner laugh, die of embarrassment or get really annoyed.

Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images

1. Pretend you lost something sentimental

The first prank you could play is pretending that you’ve lost something sentimental.

If you’re engaged or married, it could be a ring, but the joke could work with any item that’s sentimental to your relationship or was bought for you by your partner.

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Then, simply act as if you’ve lost it and see their reaction.

2. Fake a tattoo

Another prank you could try is pretending that you got a tattoo.

This one works best if the fake tattoo is something really out there, like a drawing of your boyfriend’s face or the name of another man.

There are lots of websites online where you can create your own custom fake tattoo, and they look really realistic.

3. Move his car

This is a funny one, but it only works if you live somewhere where you park your car on the street. If you have a driveway, this one isn’t for you.

In the morning before your boyfriend wakes up, take his car keys and move his car to a different place on the street.

When he tries to go out, he won’t be able to find his car, and he’s bound to be really confused.

4. Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste

You just can’t beat a good old food prank.

If you’re stuck for April Fools ideas, why not replace the cream filling of an Oreo with white toothpaste and then give it to your boyfriend to eat.

It has the same consistency and actually looks really realistic.

5. Change his ringtone

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but it never gets old.

Take your boyfriend’s phone and change his ringtone to something really embarrassing.

It could be an explicit song or a voice recording that you’ve created, just make sure it’s something that’ll make him really flustered when his phone goes off in public.

6. Make up a fake news story

If you want something where you can really get a bit creative, this prank might be for you.

Why not use a fake news website like Break You Own News to make up a fake news story that looks totally real.

You could pretend that your boyfriend’s favourite actor has died, or a band that he loves are breaking up. The possibilities are endless with this one.

7. Create a shortcut on his iPhone

This one’s bound to get him really annoyed. Go into his iPhone settings and create a shortcut by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Now, choose a ‘phrase’ that he’ll use really often when he’s typing on his phone, like ‘and’ or ‘the’, and add a random word or sentence into the ‘shortcut’ tab.

Now, every time he tries to type that word, it’ll automatically change to the other phrase. Genius!

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