Minecraft YouTuber Dream reached the huge 20 million subscriber milestone on Monday 29 March. As a reward, fans are begging for the gamer to reveal his face. But will he really show his face this time?

Dream rose to YouTube fame for his Minecraft Manhunt series, which began in December 2019.

Now, 15 months later, the YouTuber has reached a whopping 20 million subscribers on his channel. His quick rise to fame meant that he was YouTube’s number one ‘breakout creator’ of 2020.

The 21-year-old creator was not be where he is without his loyal fanbase, so will he be rewarding them with a face reveal? They have been begging him for a long time.

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Dream hits 20 million YouTube subscribers

It’s not everyday to see a YouTuber grow so quickly in just over one year, but you can credit the popularity of Minecraft.

On top of that, the pandemic lockdown has meant that the gaming industry has thrived since more time is spent on hobbies and staying online.

The Youtuber hit 20 million subs on March 29 and there are no signs of stopping. Social Blade indicates that Dream’s channel gains over 1.5 million subscribers per month.

Between January and February 2021, he had gained 1.7 million subs.

Will Dream face reveal to celebrate 20 million subscribers on YouTube?

If you look at the replies underneath his tweet, all you’ll see is “face reveal 20m”:

Dream, real name Clay, has teased his fans before when filming MrBeast’s YouTube Rewind. He held his avatar face over his face in the IRL photo.

Days later, he uploaded a video of him in the same place, teasing his fans that he might reveal his face in the YouTube Rewind.

  • It is unlikely that Dream will do a face reveal to celebrate 20 million subscribers.

In an interview with Kavos in February 2021, Dream admitted, “I’ve been planning. I think I want to do it early next year (2022), but that’s only if Corona is gone.”

He further explains that he would only do it if his friend and frequent guest GerogeNotFound is present with him. Dream clarifies that the reveal “would be somewhere, in a big way” and not in a YouTube video.

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