What happened to FaZe Rain? The health and sobriety of the YouTuber has long-been a cause for concern for fans. Now, he’s sober and honestly spoken about what happened to him.

Deep concerns for FaZe Rain, real name Nordan, began in the fanbase during summer 2020, when he regularly tweeted about other FaZe clan members, dying and drugs.

Posts like ‘Hope today’s my last,’ and ‘I just want to Rest In Peace,’ became a regular occurrence on his account.

Now, the YouTuber says he’s embarrassed of that period of time, and is completely sober, but has been left unable to walk.

still via FaZe Rain onYouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Och2wZTKZtk&t=185s_

He was kicked out of the FaZe house in May

In May 2020, FaZe Rain shared on Twitter that he had been kicked out of the FaZe house because his “sad boy energy” was “too high”. He continued that was “100% [his] own fault” and that he needed to “figure things out”.

A month later, FaZe Clan’s official account addressed the situation, writing: “We are asking for privacy and compassion while we try to help Nordan through a difficult time. FaZe Clan does not condone his behaviour and use of illegal drugs, and we have been working relentlessly to get him professional help.”

“We love Nordan very much and simply ask that the media and our fans only contribute positive words and respect during this time,” they added.

What happened to FaZe Rain?

On March 12th, Nordan returned to YouTube with a video titled “I’ve been in a Wheelchair for 7 months and this is why…”, revealing that he could no longer walk due to chemical neuropathy caused by his drug use.

According to Medspace, “Patients with neuropathy typically present with symptoms of pain, tingling, or numbness in their feet, consistent with dysfunction affecting the longest and largest fibres of the peripheral nervous system.”

“I’ve been screaming and crying every single day for the last seven months,” he said.

In his latest Twitch stream, which he uploaded to YouTube, he claimed he doesn’t remember the three months last summer, during which the tweets happened. FaZe Rain opened up about his drug issues, explaining that he used to drink ‘lean’ and take Percocet at night, but when he became depressed he began doing them all day along with taking Xanax.

Now, he’s been in a wheelchair for seven months, with medical professionals still unsure what exactly has happened.

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