Petr Kellner, the richest person in the Czech Republic, has died in a helicopter crash in the Alaskan mountains, aged 56 years-old.

According to Forbes, Petr had an estimated net worth of $17.5 billion and made his first fortune back in the early 1990’s selling office supplies before starting an investment fund which he used to buy a controlling stake in the biggest Czech insurer during its privatisation.

Petr is survived by his wife, Renáta, and their four children.

Who is Petr Kellner’s wife?

Renáta Kellnerová, 53, is the second wife of billionaire Petr Kellner.

Renáta and Petr shared four children together, including the show jumper Anna Kellnerová.

Together, Petr and Renáta set up the Kellner Family Foundation in 2009. Two years later they merged the foundation with the Educa foundation, “which until then had been providing grants to the Open Gate grammar school students.”

The website states: “The Kellner Family Foundation has followed up on Educa’s mission, supporting academically gifted children and young people growing up in children’s homes, broken families or otherwise challenging socio-economic environments.”

Petr Kellner dies in Alaska helicopter crash

Five people, including Petr Kellner, were killed on a heli-skiing trip on Saturday 27th March when their helicopter crashed near a glacier in Alaska, officials said.

In a statement his financial group PPF expressed “deepest grief” at the death of its founder. They said:

“Petr Kellner was 56 years old. His professional life was known for his incredible work ethic and creativity, but his private life belonged to his family. His funeral will be held with only close family members. We please ask the media to respect the privacy of the Kellner family during this difficult time.”

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