A new filter is going viral on Instagram, and it allows you have a lip filler without getting it done in real! Here’s how to get Pillow Face botox filter.

Plastic surgery and new looks have always been a trend. In fact, there was a point where people became obsessed with large lips, and it gave rise to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge in 2015. This challenge allowed people to see how their lips would look if they were to get lip filler. Unfortunately, the trend turned out to be a big fail.

What is ‘botox’ filter on Instagram?

The botox filter on Instagram, which is also referred to as ‘Pillow Face,’ ‘Platic surgery,’ or ‘lip filler’ filter, became popular after several celebrities started using it.

Celebrities like Sophie Turner, Hayley Williams, Charli XCX, and others have tried this trend. In this filter, the lips of a person are plumped out, and it gives an illusion of plastic surgery. The filter manages to convince people that one has had got their lips filled.

The filter was created by @Jhonyaugust. Augusto is a filter creator, and he has invented several other filters on the platform. It is unclear what led him to name the filter ‘Pillow Face.’ However, the filter has managed to grab the attention of many.

How to get Botox filter on Instagram

To use the Botox filter, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Instagram and click on ‘Your Story’ at the top of your homepage.
  2. Slide through all the filters at the bottom until you get to the magnifying glass at the end.
  3. Click on this and press another magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner to search the filters.
  4. Type ‘Pillow Face’ and find the filter by Jhonyaugust.
  5. Click on the filter and press ‘Try it.

Twitter reacts to Botox filter

Several people have already tried out this trend and have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

One user wrote: “Lol so I tried this Botox/plastic surgery filter on my face to see how it looks like…and yea I think I’ll just stick to my original face.” Another added, “Missing filler and botox a bit much I’m beginning to think that insta filter pillow face looks good on me.”

“Instagram has a filter that shows you what you’d look like with botched botox and fillers. I literally look like half the girls on my Instagram feed,” read another comment.

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