Rapper Boosie Badazzz has been trending on Twitter after a video of him slapping a man surfaced online on March 27. He reportedly got banned from Instagram following that. Here’s a look at what happened.

Boosie is known for taking drastic steps to make his music video unique. In a bid to do the same, the rapper decided to seek help from a man and took his permission to slap him. People had different reactions to Boosie’s slap video. Watch the video below to see it yourself.

Boosie Badazz slap video

On March 27, Boosie uploaded a video on his Instagram which showed him slapping a man for his upcoming video. Fans were left shocked by Boosie’s reaction as the fake slap turned out to be real.

The rapper was in North Carolina shooting a music video for his and DaBaby’s single titled ‘Period.’ The scene is reportedly taking place at a   store. As the video progresses, viewers notice things getting intense as few words are exchanged.

The man, who has been hired to get slapped by Boosie, is seen questioning the rapper’s talent. Before one can blink, Boosie slaps the man. Boosie reportedly paid the man $554 for the scene. TMZ reports, he was set to get $500, and the rapper added $54 as a tip.

Twitter reacts to Boosie’s slap video

Several people had mixed reactions after the video surfaced online. Some thought that the rapper could have pretended to slap the man instead of hitting him too hard.

One user wrote: “I just… don’t understand… why he couldn’t fake a slap… Boosie did all the for no reason cuz he’ll make it seem like by paying the man he was helping him out.” Another added: “Even if he was paid, why would you want to actually slap somebody like that? I just want Boosie to be dealt with tbh.”

Meanwhile, some turned the staged event into memes and cracked jokes on the same. One user wrote: “Boosie slap dude like he owed him some money.” Another added, “Boosie smacked him so hard they deleted his IG.”

Why was Boosie banned on Instagram?

The rapper had posted the video on his Instagram, and a couple of hours after that, he got banned from the platform. One of the reasons for this could be that the video went against Instagram guidelines. Boosie had nearly one million followers on his page before the ban.

This is not the first time that the rapper has been banned from the platform. In August 2020, the rapper was banned due to his OnlyFans links. The rapper reportedly shared  NSFW material with his fans, and Instagram saw that as violating community guidelines. It is unclear if Boosie will be able to recover his account.

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