Several people on social media have been wondering if rapper Yatta is dead. In reality, he is fine, and the rumor is just a death hoax. Here’s how it all started.

Yatta, whose real name is Kenyana Jones, was a victim of a death hoax on March 27. Unfortunately, several of his fans seemed to believe this news. Here’s a look at how this social media rumor started and what the rapper has been up to these days.

Yatta death hoax explored

On March 27, people came across a news headline made by NSF News, which claimed that the rapper had died. The fake news report added the rapper was stabbed 24 times.

To make the report more believable, the article stated his death was due to a prison fight. In reality, this post is fake. NFS News is a website used to prank people. If you go to the official website, one can create their own fake news by entering a headline, description, and adding a picture.

Rapper Yatta happened to be a victim of one such prank. It is unclear who created this news and how it came to circulate on social media. However, it is no surprise that the news shocked his fans.

Who is Yatta?

Yatta was born in the Sunnydale projects in San Francisco. The rapper has been making music for several years.

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In 2016, the rapper was involved in a shooting that took place due to a feud between two San Francisco gangs. The incident left one woman dead. He is currently serving 12 years in prison.

The rapper gained popularity in 2015 after he appeared in Lil Yase’s breakout single “Get It In.” Even though Yatta is currently serving in prison, he has not let that bring him down. The rapper has recorded music behind bars. These were then shared with his fans.

In August 2018, he released ‘Tired.’ He had recorded this over the phone. Even though the rapper has not released a lot of music, his fan following continues to grow. People have been using the hashtag “Free Yatta” for years.

On TikTok, the hashtag has three three million views as people continue to talk about his music to date,

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