Following a report into Home Office spending, the Home Office has shut down false Twitter rumours that Priti Patel spent £77,000 on her eyebrows.

Rumours have been flooding Twitter that Priti Patel spent £77,000 of taxpayer’s money on her eyebrows, but it’s all fake news.

It comes after a report into Home Office spending in 2020 found a number of bizarre purchases, including Primark, Sports Direct and SP Beautiful Brows.

Now, the Home Office has taken to Twitter to shut down the false rumours and explain the strange spending.

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Home Office spending report goes viral online

This week, a report into Home Office spending in 2020 was published, and it’s gone viral online due to some of the bizarre expenses.

As reported by the Byline Times, the report said that the Home Office had spent £5,415.90 in Primark, £1,040.69 at Folkestone Garden Centre, £849.50 in Sports Direct and £900 at a pub in Oxford called The Magdalen Arms, amongst others.

When the Byline Times asked the Home Office to explain these expenses, they said: “Departmental spending must be conducted in accordance with agreed policies, justified, and properly scrutinised.”

In total, the bizarre purchases add up to £124,262 of taxpayer cash, and one particular expense has sparked a fake rumour about Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Twitter users say Priti Patel spent £77,000 on her eyebrows

One of the bizarre expenses on the list was $77,269 to a company called SP Beautiful Brows, which sparked a rumour that Priti Patel spent the money on getting her own eyebrows done.

However, this is entirely false. The spending log is actually for the whole of the Home Office and has no specific link to Priti Patel.

Despite being completely untrue, the claim that Priti Patel spent £77,000 on her eyebrows took over Twitter, and the Home Office have had to release a statement to shut down the false claims.

Home Office shuts down false claims

After the joke went viral on Twitter, the Home Office defended Priti Patel in a statement and revealed that the payment to the company called SP Beautiful Brows was actually for Covid PPE.

“FACT CHECK: It is wrong to claim the Home Office expenses that have been circulated today are the Home Secretary’s,” the Home Office tweeted.

“They are department-wide and for vital equipment like PPE. It is completely false to say the Home Office has spent money on beauty products, it was PPE,” they continued.

The Home Office also added that the spending in Primark was for “asylum seekers who would have not had appropriate clothing when arriving in the UK”.

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