David Dobrik and James Charles are hot topics of conversation on social media right now, but why? Let’s find out.

A whole load of drama has erupted involving YouTubers David Dobrik and James Charles.

It all started when YouTube gossip channel Drama Alert uploaded a video titled “David Dobrik & James Charles FIRED by YouTube!” and it’s caused a lot of confusion.

Have David Dobrik and James Charles actually been fired from YouTube?Here’s all the drama explained.

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David Dobrik and James Charles haven’t been fired from YouTube

First off, let’s get one thing clear. David Dobrik and James Charles have NOT been fired from YouTube.

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The rumours are entirely false and all stem from Keemstar’s clickbait title on his Drama Alert video.

So what has happened with David Dobrik and James Charles?

YouTube has demonetised David Dobrik

On Friday (March 26th), YouTube announced in a statement that they would be demonetising David Dobrik’s videos.

This doesn’t mean he’s been fired from the platform, it just means that no adverts will be placed on his videos, making him unable to earn money from his YouTube videos.

YouTube’s decision comes after a David was accused of a number of sexual assault allegations.

“We have strict policies that prohibit sexual harassment on YouTube and take allegations of sexual assault very seriously. We have temporarily suspended monetization on David Dobrik and Durte Dom channels for violating our Creator Responsibility policy,” YouTube said.

But how is James Charles involved in all of this?

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How is James Charles involved?

So why are people saying that James Charles has been fired from YouTube too?

Well, fans are claiming that because YouTube have demonetised David Dobrik’s videos, they should demonetise James Charles’ too.

This is because a number of assault allegations have emerged involving the beauty YouTuber in the past.

Despite not being demonetized, a spokesperson for YouTube told Variety that James Charles will no longer be hosting the YouTube reality series Instant Influencer.

“We can confirm Season 2 of the YouTube originals series ‘Instant Influencer’ will take a new creative direction, including a new host. We thank James for a great first season, and look forward to building on the show’s success by expanding the opportunity to showcase a diversity of creators across the YouTube platform in our upcoming season,” they said.

However, they did not give a reason for James’ departure and it is unknown whether it is linked to the allegations.

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