Beastars season 2 has just concluded in Japan, but what date will the hit anime series release around the world on Netflix?

When it comes to anime, Netflix is bringing us some truly excellent original series and showcasing the genre to a global audience.

One of the platforms biggest shows is Beastars, an anime filled with anthropomorphic animals based on the manga of the same name.

Millions of fans around the world loved the first season of Beastars and as season 2 was confirmed in the first season’s finale episode, have been counting down until its return.

So, with the series concluding on Japanese networks this week, when Beastars season 2 release around the world on Netflix?

Beastars season 2: Release date

  • Beastars season 2 will release on Netflix in July 2021, but a more specific premiere date has not been confirmed.

The season 2 premiere was initially scheduled for an August 2020 premiere, but had to be delayed because of complications associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Beastars manga series would then confirm that season 2 of the anime would premiere in January 2021 on the Fuji TV Network in Japan.

It has since been confirmed that Beastars season 2 will premiere on Netflix in July 2021. However, a more specific release date has not been revealed.

There was some confusion in late August when Netflix France made a false statement on Twitter claiming that season 2 would be arriving on the streaming platform on January 21st. They would later issue an apology and confirm this date is not accurate.

On November 5th, the official trailer for Beastars season 2 premiered on YouTube, check it out below:

Potential season 2 plot

As the anime is a direct adaptation of the original manga and the series has already concluded in Japan, we do actually know exactly where the storyline will go in season 2.

However, as the majority of viewers outside Japan will be waiting for the Netflix premiere, we don’t want to spoil anything for fans who haven’t read the manga directly, so just know that the storyline is set to follow chapters 48 – 98.

Although based on what happened in season 1, there could be several important directions we predict the story to go.

The most obvious one is finding out who Tem’s murderer is. We see the killer in a post-credit scene leaving a bathroom and being told by Legoshi that everyone is waiting for them – suggesting they are part of the drama club.

We also see Rouis in the season 2 trailer and from the looks of things, he may become some type of vigilante – swapping the Beastar award for some payback.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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