Fans of McGraw Ave have been left waiting for more episodes since season 1 ended in 2020 but is the show renewed for season 2 and is there a release date?

McGraw Ave may not feature on one of the big TV networks but the series has still earned a hugely dedicated following.

After season 1 came to an end in 2020, fans wasted no time in calling for a second season of the Detroit-based series.

But is McGraw Ave returning to our screens for season 2 and if so, is there a release date for the new batch of episodes?

McGraw Ave

McGraw Ave first arrived on our screens on May 31st, 2020 via the streaming site Tubi and has since been made available on Amazon Prime Video.

The six-episode first season was set in one of Detroit’s most notorious neighborhoods as it told the story of two men seeking to dominate the dangerous district.

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Ucult Studios

Will McGraw Ave return for season 2?

  • Yes, McGraw Ave has been renewed for season 2.

Fans who follow McGraw Ave’s distributions company, Ucult Studios, will know that the show has already been renewed for a second season.

On top of that, McGraw Ave actor and executive producer, Murda Pain, posted a behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram in March 2021 showing that filming for season 2 is currently ongoing.

However, while we know that season 2 is on its way in 2021, the exact release date for the new batch of episodes has not yet been announced.

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Facebook release hoax

In March 2021, McGraw Ave fans were left confused when posts on social media sites including Facebook seemed to hint that the new season had been released.

However, the episodes have not been released through any official channels at the time of writing and, as seen above, the release date for season 2 has not yet been revealed.

Season 1 of McGraw Ave is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video and for free on Tubi while season 2 is on its way.

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