Rhiannon Clements has made a huge impact on Hollyoaks as Summer Ranger and fans are now full of praise at how the show has portrayed her character.

Summer Ranger has been an explosive presence since she arrived on Hollyoaks in November 2020.

Her recent story arc has been captivating as she’s looked to frame Warren for shooting Sienna despite being the perpetrator herself.

Taking on the role of Summer in Hollyoaks is the actress Rhiannon Clements but just what do we know about this rising star?

*Spoilers ahead for March 23rd’s episode on Channel 4*

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Summer Ranger in Hollyoaks

Summer Ranger was first introduced to Hollyoaks fans in November 2020 when she arrived on the show after her father, Cormac Ranger, was left comatose by Felix and Warren.

Since then, Summer has developed several fierce rivalries and relationships in the village, most notably with Sienna Blake and Brody Hudson whose relationship she helped to dismantle before becoming romantically involved with Brody.

After several months in the village, however, Summer learned of Brody’s part to play in the attack on her father which resulted in his coma and eventual death, In response, Summer managed to find the gun that Grace had hidden away and went out in search of revenge.

However, despite aiming for Brody, Summer missed and hit Sienna instead, setting up a new plan for revenge which took an unexpected turn in March 22nd’s episode on E4.

Rhiannon Clements as Summer Ranger

Taking on the role of Summer Ranger in Hollyoaks is Rhiannon Clements.

The Manchester native has only recently broken into the acting industry, making her on-screen debut in 2020’s series of Doctor Who.

Rhiannon has also appeared in the BBC comedy The Other One and is slated to appear in the upcoming Death on the Nile adaptation.

Fans can find Rhiannon Clements on Twitter where the actress currently has a following of 1,800 at the time of writing.

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Fans praise portrayal of disability

In recent years, Hollyoaks has earned itself a strong reputation for how it has incorporated characters with disabilities into the show by not letting their disability become the key focus of the character.

The same can be said for Summer Ranger. As fans may have seen, Summer actress Rhiannon Clements has a truncated left forearm, something she’s reportedly had since birth, although this has never been the focus of her character.

In fact, there has never been an explanation about Summer’s arm on Hollyoaks itself, it’s simply how the character is.

Instead, the recent focus of Summer’s time on Hollyoaks has been her tense relationship with Sienna Blake, something which threatens to boil over in the coming episodes.

Portraying characters in this way has won Hollyoaks plenty of praise in recent years as this interaction between fans on social media goes to show.

Hollyoaks continues daily on Channel 4 and E4 while fans can catch up on any episodes missed on All 4.

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