Did Karl leave MrBeast? His appearance on the 100 Thieves podcast has left fans confused about his future, but it’s not all it seems.

The latest The CouRage and Nadeshot Show episode of 100 Thieves featured Karl throughout discussing how he started on the channel, joining the Dream SMP, and apparently leaving Mr Beast.

Titled ‘Karl addressing leaving MrBeast crew,’ it released on March 22nd and unsurprisingly led fans to questions about his future with the group

“Wait, did Karl actually leave MrBeast or is that just clickbait?” asked one fan on Twitter.

So, did Karl really leave Mr Beast?

No, Karl has not left Mr Beast. Instead, we have a case of classic clickbait from the podcast.

I mean, technically he does address leaving MrBeast, but only to deny any plans of it happening soon.

When asked how far he plans ahead in his career and if he has any bigger goals at around the 30 minute mark, he responded:

“I don’t have any plans on leaving MrBeast, to be clear. I’m so inspired by Mr Beast everyday, I think it really helps with work ethic and I just love to be a part of it.”

The podcast title has since been changed to ‘Karl Jacobs Discusses MrBeast & Reveals Dream SMP Secrets, instead.

Karl fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

What is Karl doing now?

Other than not leaving the Mr Beast team, Karl is also a part of the Dream SMP, often streaming to his 2.2million followers on Twitch.

After joining the MrBro channel, the brother of Mr Beast, as an editor, he later joined MrBeast. He started out as camera man for the channel but soon participated in challenge videos, with his first appearance being the $60,000 Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge.

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