Did Lexi Hensler break up with Christian? Her latest video has confused fans over her relationship status.

Popular YouTuber Lexi Hensler has documented her relationship with Christian Wilson since November 2019. Fans had been invested in the couple, but a recent video has led them to believe they could be over.

Still via Lexi Hensley’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QqBdeNFDMc)

Did Lexi Hensler break up with Christian?

We hate to break it to you Christian fans, but Lexi has split from him. In her video uploaded on March 21st, she enlists her friends to roast her channel.

When Alisha Marie took aim at her wedding-themed video, she said: “Oh wait, I think they broke up,”

Lexi confirmed the thought, responding: “Calling out my break up, okay.”

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While Christian also confirmed the break-up, and it seemingly wasn’t a happy one. Posting a screenshot to Instagram of Lexi and Brett Rivera kissing in his recent video, he wrote: “Things not to do three weeks after a break-up.”

Lexi and Christian’s relationship  

The pair got together in October of 2019, after being friends for years. Confirming they had taken their friendship to the next level, Lexi captioned an Instagram picture at the time: “This is Christian. He’s been my best friend for the last couple years but I finally started calling him my boyfriend a month ago!!! Woo!! Dating your best friend really is the best.”

“I’ve been just enjoying being with him for the last month, but I thought it was time I shared this awesome man with all of you. So prepare for some cute couple pics.” 

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