On March 19, Saweetie and Quavo confirmed their split on Twitter. However, Saweetie’s tweet hinted Quavo might have cheated on her. Here’s a look at the drama surrounding their split.

The rumors about Saweetie and Quavo’s split were circulating on social media for a long time. Fans speculated there was trouble in paradise after the two stopped following each other on Instagram. The news was finally confirmed by the pair in a series of tweets made on Friday, March 19.

Did Quavo cheat on Saweetie?

Twitter users started speculating that Quavo might have cheated on Saweetie after her tweet seemed to hint at it. Saweetie was the first one to break the silence about their relationship as her tweet read: “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character. Presents don’t band-aid scars, and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women.”

It is unclear when the two officially split. However, Saweetie hinted it had been a while as she wrote in another tweet: “I emotionally checked out a long time ago and have walked away with a deep sense of peace and freedom. Excited for this new chapter of elevation.”

Following this, Quavo came forward and broke his silence on social media. He seemed to deny the cheating rumors as his tweet read: “I know you want to make this into a show, so I’ll play my part just this one time. I don’t normally put my business out there, especially my personal life. I feel the need to address this so there are no false narratives.”

He continued, “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best.”

Quavo and Saweetie’s relationship explored

The pair started dating in 2018 after Quavo slid into Saweetie’s Instagram messages. She opened up about their interaction in an interview. “You know what, it was weird because his DM went straight to my inbox. It went straight in, it didn’t go to the requests,” she said.

She openly accepted their relationship while appearing in an episode of ‘The View’ in September 2018. Saweetie admitted she loved spending time with Quavo while adding they were getting to know each other more.

The pair finally made their relationship official on Instagram in March 2019. They continued to show a glimpse of their relationship in pictures they uploaded on social media for their fans.

In an Instagram post from May 26, Quavo even hinted they might be getting married. However, by December 2019, troubled knocked on their door as a woman alleged Quavo was cheating on Saweetie with her.

These rumors were soon put to an end after Quavo and Saweetie’s fans refused to believe these claims. Meanwhile, up until 2020, things between Quavo and Saweetie seemed fine as they were quarantining together. It is unclear when their relationship became sore.

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