Popular gossip Instagram page TikTok Room suddenly disappeared on Wednesday, but what happened? Here’s why the page is gone.

As TikTok increased in popularity, two teenagers who met online called Nat and Elasia created an Instagram profile to post gossip about all their favourite TikTok stars. Little did they know, the account would end up being hugely popular.

TikTok Room accumulated over a million followers and became the go-to place to get all the latest TikTok drama, but now it’s gone!

On Wednesday (March 17th), TikTok Room suddenly disappeared, and people began taking to Twitter to try and get some answers.

What happened to TikTok Room? And is it coming back? Here’s everything we know.

Image by antonbe from Pixabay

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TikTok Room disappears from Instagram

On Wednesday (March 17th), people began noticing that the popular gossip Instagram account TikTok Room has disappeared.

When you try to access the account on the Instagram app, it doesn’t exist at all, and when you try to access it via the web, you are shown an error message that says:

“Sorry this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

Fans instantly began taking to Twitter to try and get some answers.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO TIKTOKROOM??” one person wrote whilst another said: “Did TikTok Room like… die?”

So what did happen to TikTok room?

What happened to TikTok Room?

Nat and Elasia didn’t give any indication that they would be deleting their account and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so what happened?

Well, TikTok Room took to their Twitter to reveal all the details, telling fans that they disabled the account but will be back soon.

“We disabled everyone! We will be back no worries lol,” they wrote before saying:

“We wanted a quick break but we will reactivate soon! Thanks for staying tight.”

TikTok star Taylor Lorenz also revealed that they posted an Instagram Story on their private backup account saying: “We disabled for a little bit, we will be back.”

TikTok Room didn’t give a reason for their sudden deactivation, but they did reveal that it isn’t permanent and they will be back soon.

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