Is Matt Casey leaving Chicago Fire? A recent bombshell has encouraged Jesse Spencer fans to flock to Twitter. Is his fate in the series sealed?

It’s Chicago Fire… anything can happen.

Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, this American drama series premiered back in 2012 and has continued to excite and entertain devoted fans on NBC.

It serves as a spinoff under the One Chicago umbrella and many new characters have been ushered in over the years, becoming fond favourites. However, there have been some notable departures too.

In the wake of season 9 episode 9 – titled ‘Double Red’ – some viewers have questioned whether Matt Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) could be the latest character to say goodbye.

So, is Matt Casey leaving Chicago Fire?


Is Matt Casey leaving Chicago Fire?

  • It hasn’t been confirmed whether Matt Casey is leaving Chicago Fire. Jesse Spencer hasn’t addressed the possibility directly and no announcement has been made to concretely confirm he is on the way out.

On the other hand, executive producer Derek Haas spoke with Entertainment Tonight about potential exits in season 9:

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“Yes, we will definitely have more cast shake-ups in the coming season. It’s just part of the way we work to keep our audience on their toes. When viewers say, ‘It’ll never happen’ on other shows, we want them to say, ‘It’s Chicago Fire they might just do it.'”

Casey’s injury appears to be having a serious impact on him and it’s possible that it could spell his exit from the series. It’s perhaps worth acknowledging that he has been injured in the series before though, yet remains a central presence. However, as one fan commented on the below video: “Are they FINALLY paying off Casey’s head trauma from earlier seasons?”

At this point in time, it’s arguably more likely that the remainder of season 9 will chronicle the character’s recovery as he grapples with his health, rather than see him cast out from the narrative.

Chicago Fire: Jesse Spencer fans react

Looking back on the cause of the injury, Casey was entangled in a dangerous rescue mission. An impaired driver had caused an accident after a passenger had requested for him to pull over.

Casey asked the driver to remove the keys but he refused, forcing Casey to make a grab for the keys himself. Unfortunately, the driver slammed his foot on the gas and Casey was left dangling from the window as the vehicle continued to gain speed.

The car collided with another and he was thrown off, hitting his head.

Since then, we have witnessed the effects of the ordeal and fans have weighed in their thoughts and concerns on Twitter:

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