Let’s get The Flash season 7 episode 3 ending explained. What do the lightning bolts mean and why are they different colours?

The journey continues…

Developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, The Flash soared onto The CW back in 2014 and audiences were invited to experience the superhero adventures of Barry Allen.

The series served as a spin-off from Arrow and further enriched the Arrowverse. Needless to say, it swiftly earned devoted fans and they are still with it today, having been treated to season 7 at the beginning of March 2021.

Viewers were welcomed back into the fold with ‘All’s Wells That Ends Wells’ and ‘Mother’ has certainly raised some questions moving forward.

So, let’s get The Flash season 7 episode 3 ending explained…

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The Flash season 7 episode 3 ending explained

The Flash season 7 episode 3 left fans with a flashback to 18 hours prior. Barry Allen was darting around the Speed Lab while Iris West-Allen worked to power the Fusion Sphere. This facilitated Barry regaining his speed, but it also resulted in a charge of energy being propelled into the sky.

As noted by Fansided, the lightning spread out in four different directions and the key to unlocking the meaning of the sequence is in the colours. Each bolt represents different types of Forces, with the yellow representing the Speed Force.

As for the remaining bolts, blue is Sage Force, red is Strength Force and green is Still Force, according to the comics. It’s uncertain what repercussions this will have on episode 4 and the wider series on the whole. However, the scene suggests that Godspeed could emerge on the scene courtesy of the Speed Force bolt.

Another theory is that Eobard Thawne could return, as the sky we see is the same that Reverse-Flash was shot into after leaving Nash Wells.

Hopefully more is revealed as the season progresses.

The Flash fans react to ‘Mother’

Since season 7 episode 3 aired, a number of fans have been struck by the developments and offered their thoughts and reactions.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Eric Wallace on The Flash season 7

In conversation with ComicBook, showrunner Eric Wallace explained how Barry will change through season 7 and into season 8:

“At some point the hero, in order to graduate, needs to be more of a leader and less of a mentee. And you’re going to see him doing a little bit more leading, I would say, and that’s on purpose. That’s just the natural growth of any superhero. And you’ll even see him do some new things with his powers, discover a few of these things.”

He added: “And of course the good part of that is as Barry Allen grows more comfortable and stronger in his abilities as The Flash, his villains then become all the more bigger and more deadly, because now he can take on a different level of foe.”

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