Netflix’s newest arrival is the thriller Deadly Illusions but the film’s ending has left us with questions and needs to be explained.

Deadly Illusions is the newest film to arrive on Netflix.

The film features plenty of twists and turns as Mary, an author, hires a young nanny to look after her children to overcome writer’s block.

However, the ending of the mind-bending thriller has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Deadly Illusions on Netflix

Deadly Illusions arrived on Netflix on March 18th, 2021.

The film tells the story of Mary Morrison, a bestselling novelist who is suffering from writer’s block on her latest project.

Mary enlists the help of a young woman to look after her two children but not everything is as it seems as Mary becomes dangerously engrossed in her writing, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

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Deadly Illusions’ plot and ending

Deadly Illusions begins simply enough, Mary wants to hire a nanny so that she can focus on her book in an attempt to beat the writer’s block she’s struggling with.

However, none of the candidates Mary interviews are the right fit, that is until Grace comes along.

Grace seems like the perfect choice but matters are complicated when Mary starts to develop romantic and lustful feelings for the new babysitter.

But when Mary brings up their intimate encounters later, which Grace appears to vanish from, the nanny doesn’t know what Mary’s talking about.

It’s revealed later on in the film that the babysitting agency that Mary contacted doesn’t have a nanny called Grace on its books, which immediately sets off alarm bells.

To see if she can find answers, Mary visits her friend and therapist, Elaine.

However, when she arrives at Elaine’s clinic, Mary finds that she’s been stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors, something which Mary had included in her new book.

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Mary is instantly treated as the main suspect by police as her fingerprints are all over the scissors and she was even seen entering the building the night before although she has no recollection of the visit.

Before she’s formally arrested, however, Mary flees and ventures to the town in California where Grace is said to have grown up.

Here, Mary meets Grace’s Aunt Lotty and we learn that Grace was abused as a child and developed a second, evil personality called Margaret in order to cope with the trauma.

Realising that Grace could be dangerous, Mary tries to phone Tom but he doesn’t answer as he’s in the shower.

That shower is interrupted when a murderous Grace appears, seemingly having taken on the evil Margaret personality, and she slashes Tom across the stomach with a knife.

Mary finally arrives home and after a brief scuffle, manages to overcome Grace.

The film then flashes forward a year to show Mary visiting Elaine’s grave, that Tom has recovered from the attack and that Grace is now a patient at a mental health facility.

Unsurprisingly, these final few moments have left viewers’ (and our) heads spinning.

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Our interpretation on that ending

The ending of Deadly Illusions is hugely open to interpretation so our view on the mind-bending conclusion may differ from others.

It’s this writer’s view that Mary essentially becomes the characters from the book she’s writing.

In other words, Grace is never actually there, she’s just a character that Mary is imagining.

The film shows that Grace has dual personalities but as Mary reveals to Elaine early on in the film, she’s the one who becomes a different person when she’s writing.

As we see in Elaine’s notebook after she’s killed, she’s written that Mary suffers from out-of-body experiences and gaps in her memory.

When we see Grace getting it on with Mary’s husband Tom, it’s actually Mary’s book persona who’s taken charge.

However, this does leave question marks hanging about the Grace we see at the mental health hospital at the end.

Could she simply be an inspiration for Mary, someone she found while doing research for the novel?

Or is the Grace at the end the book persona that Mary has managed to let go of now she’s finished writing?

The story of Deadly Illusions is so mind-bending that it wouldn’t surprise us if it was either of these or even something completely different still.

Deadly Illusions is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on March 18th, 2021.

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