Sabine Schmitz the ‘Queen of Nürburgring’ and Top Gear personality passed away yesterday (Tuesday, March 17th). Fans want to know more about Sabine Schmitz’s life and husband.

Top Gear, personal life and more

Sabine Schmitz was born on 14th May 1969 in Adenau Germany. Her parents were restaurant owners in Nurburg, which is where she grew up with her two older sisters.

She graduating in Hotel and catering and worked as a sommelier before owning a bar in her hometown. Schmitz and her sister grew up enjoying competitive driving, due to her knack for racing, Sabine is the only one of the three siblings to pursue it as a career.

Schmitz was first introduced as an onscreen presence on D Motor, a German show. She later appeared on Top Gear, which is what she is most well known for. She first featured on the show in 2004, where she beat Jeremy Clarkson doing a lap in a Jaguar S. Schmitz appeared as a co-presenter on Top gear’s 23rd season running. Due to her popularity, she appeared in the two subsequent series, featuring in seasons 24 & 25.

News on Sabine Schmitz’s death

On 19th July 2020, Schmitz announced in a Facebook post that she had been battling cancer. In the post (translated), she says, “Since the end of 2017, I have been fighting an extremely persistent cancer that has not been eliminated with the resources so far. – it’s come back with full force”.

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Following a long battle with her illness, she passed away on Tuesday, 16th March 2021, at the age of 51. Her passing received an outpour of tributes across social media.

Schmitz is known as the “only female winner of the 24 hours of Nürburgring”, which is where she received her nickname as the ‘Queen of Nürburgring’. She has no children but is succeeded by her husband Klaus Abellen. Abellen is her second marriage as her first marriage was to an unnamed German Hotelier, whom she divorced in 2000.

Sabine Schmitz husband: Klaus Abellen

Klaus Abellen was born on 15th September 1960 in Tonisvorst, Germany. There is not much known about him at the time of writing this article, but here is what we were able to find.

Abellen goes by many titles, he is known as a butcher, entrepreneur and is even nicknamed ‘Frikadelli’, after pan-fried meatballs. However, he is most well known as a race car driver and husband of fellow racer and Top gear personality, the late Sabine Schmitz.

Abellen started his career over 2 decades ago in the year 1999 when he entered the Ferrari Porsche Challenge, ranking in Class A.

In 2000, he gained the title of Champion of the Euro GT series, this is the same year he failed in doing 24 hours of Nürburgring in one run. three years later he joined the Euro GT Series and a year later he raced in the FIA GT Championship.

2007 is when Abellen and Schmitz married. Though it is not known when they met, reports say they dated for a year before “tying the not”. They remained together until Schmitz recent passing.

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