David Dobrik responded to allegations placed by Seth Francois in Scotty Sire’s video, which was uploaded on H3’s podcast on February 13. Here’s the drama that unfolded between Seth and David explained.

YouTuber David found himself in hot water after Seth, a former Vlog squad member, came forward and placed some serious accusations about his behavior during a podcast interview with Scotty. Seth had called out David and Jason Nash for their behavior. Following the claims, David has now responded to the allegations in a YouTube video that he shared on his podcast’s channel.

David Dobrik and Seth Francois drama explained

The drama started when Seth called out David and Jason for doing a kissing prank on him without his consent. Appearing on the H3H3 podcast on February 13, Seth explained, “It was a video where David set up with Jason Nash and Corinna (Kopf) and said that I was supposed to do a make-out scene with Corinna and he was gonna have her in an old man mask and then switched her out with Jason Nash. After Jason pulled off his mask, I realized that I was just touched by someone I did not consent to.”

Following this, Scotty addressed these allegations in his video and claimed that Seth had given his consent. David also shared an old text message that was exchanged between him and Seth. “He goes ‘yo bro, I was thinking about it, I’m down for another kissing sketch.’ I said ‘haha what do you mean.’ He goes ‘lol I don’t really care as long as you clout me up. I’m not gay, I just don’t care,’” David can be heard reading out the message aloud.

Scotty went on to defend Jason and David and said, “David’s a great person. Jason’s a great person. They’re both fantastic people. David doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He’s so nice. When someone does something that upsets him, he gets disappointed instead of angry.”

Twitter reacts to Scotty’s video

After hearing two sides of the story, fans seem to be confused about who is telling the truth. Some fans have been calling out Scotty for “victim-blaming” Seth with comments like “This is awful, your going to regret this one day. How you can shame a victim is beyond me. You have made this even worse! You all need HELP!” and “This is textbook victim-blaming… how embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, there are still lots of fans who support David and think he has not done anything wrong.

Scotty Sire (YouTube)

David Dobrik’s apology on YouTube

David has now come forward and apologized to Seth. In a video, he said, “I am sorry to Seth. Like I said, I just want to make videos where everyone who is participating is enjoying and having a good time. I missed the mark with that one. I am really sorry.”

He concluded the post by saying, “I am sorry if I have let you down and things like that won’t happen again. I have learned from those mistakes and I also believe actions speak a lot louder than words. I will show you and prove to you that mistakes I made before won’t be happening again.”

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