Cardi B just revealed on Twitter that she almost farted during her Grammys performance, and here’s why.

Sunday (March 14th) marked the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, with the likes of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish bringing home some of the biggest awards.

The ceremony also featured performances from some pretty big stars.

Harry Styles sang his popular Watermelon Sugar, Dua Lipa performed a mix of Levitating and Don’t Start Now and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion took to the stage with their famous track WAP.

Cardi just revealed on Twitter that their performance almost had a hilarious blunder. Here’s what happened…

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Cardi B reveals she almost farted during Grammy’s performance

As Cardi and Megan sang their famous WAP, they danced on a huge bed, a reference to the heavily sexualised nature of the song.

The choreography certainly caught the attention of fans, and there’s one particular part that’s gone viral on social media as Megan twerked on Cardi and slammed her to the ground.

One fan tweeted a gif of the moment with the caption “rent free” to which Cardi replied with a hilarious revelation about the performance.

“Slang me so hard almost made me fart,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

Yes, Cardi really did almost fart during her Grammys performance, and now the whole world knows.

Seth Rogan weighs in on the fart tweet

Cardi just revealed that she almost farted during her Grammys performance on Twitter, but it’s about to get even funnier.

Actor Seth Rogan has weighed in on the fart tweet, making a very hilarious remark.

In response to Cardi’s tweet, he wrote: “As long as it wasn’t a WAF.”

If you’re not familiar, WAP stands for “wet a** p****”. So, WAF stands for “wet a** fart”.

We hope it wasn’t a WAF too Seth!

Watch Cardi and Megan’s ‘WAP’ performance

If you haven’t watched Cardi and Megan’s WAP performance yet, watch it below.

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