The 2021 Turkish Airlines advert has been released and people are desperate to know what the name of the song is that features in the advertisement.

The advert takes us back to what going on holiday feels like, a long lost memory for most, especially as vacation plans have been put on hold due to coronavirus.

Apart from making viewers desperate to go on a holiday to Turkey, the music to the advert was also a massive mystery; read on to find out who it was by!

What is the name of the Turkish Airlines advert music?

  • The Turkish Airlines advert music is called Fly Above by Mahmut Orhan Feat. Sena Şener.

The song was made exclusively for the the advert, but it has since been released for people to stream worldwide on music platforms such as Spotify.

Many listeners thought the artist was Sia because both Sena Şener and her have similar tones to their voice. It seems that many Sia fans have found a new favourite singer after discovering Sena and her music.

Who is Mahmut Orhan?

Mahmut Orhan is a 28-year-old Turkish DJ and record producer. He started doing music at 15 years old and moved to Istanbul in 2011 to work at a Bebek nightclub. Mahmut had a huge international break in 2015 with an instrumental song titled “Age of Emotions”. From there he has done many music festivals such as Exit Festival in Serbia and Untold Festival in Romania.

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In 2017 Mahmut had massive successes particularly with his remix of “Game of Thrones” and a song called “Save me” which he created with a Romanian singer, Eneli. The single “6 Days” which was from his album titled “One”, reached number one in many countries such as Greece, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Who is Sena Şener?

The other artist who features in the popular song is, Sena Şener. She is 22 years old and is a musician from Turkey. Sena started making music when she was 15 years old. Along with music she has been studying at Koç University in the Department of English Language & Comparative Literature.

The singles she recorded were compiled onto her first album which she started creating in 2016. However, the final album, Insan Gelir İnsan Geçer, was not released until September 14, 2018. Sena has a passion for music and has collaborated with Mahmut Orhan on the Turkish Airlines advert.

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