All Rise season 2 welcomed a host of new faces in episode 10 but just who appears in the cast? Meet this week’s guest stars.

All Rise has been a welcome addition to the CBS schedules since it first aired in 2019.

Now in its second season, we’re still learning more about each of the show’s characters and as with most TV shows, each episode welcomes a host of guest stars to shake things up each week.

But just who appears in the cast of episode 10 of All Rise season 2 and who are this week’s guest stars?

All Rise season 2 episode 10

Episode 10 of All Rise season 2 finally aired on March 15th, 2021, almost a month after episode 9.

This week’s instalment sees Emily Lopez and Mark Callan face off in court after Maggie Palmer is taken ill with food poisoning.

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The case at the centre of this week’s episode is a jewellery store robbery and both eyewitnesses are sure that the suspect on trial is the man responsible.

However, a seminar on unconscious bias from a new arrival helps Judge Lisa Benner see things from a different perspective.


Episode 10 cast

As with most episodes of All Rise, episode 10 of season 2 features a host of regular cast members while also welcoming several guest stars.

Regular cast

  • Marg Helgenberger as Lisa Benner
  • Wilson Bethel as Mark Callan
  • Jessica Camacho as Emily Lopez
  • J. Alex Brinson as Luke Watkins
  • Lindsay Mendez as Sara Castillo
  • Ruthie Ann Miles as Sherri Kansky
  • Lindsey Gort as Amy Quinn
  • Audrey Corsa as Samantha Powell
  • Paul McCrane as Judge Jonas Laski
  • Ryan Michelle Bathe as Rachel Audubon
  • Suzanne Cryer as Maggie Palmer
  • Melanie Reif as Bailiff Ebner

Guest stars

  • Amy Acker as Professor Georgia Jennings/Knight
  • Robert Wu as John Wu
  • Sarah Levy as Debbie Daines
  • Aarti Mann as Saundra Singh
  • Ray Wise as Richard Walker

Guest star spotlight

Amy Acker as Professor Georgia Jennings/Knight

Amy Acker is episode 10’s most prominent guest star and appears to be a character who could stick around.

Georgia is introduced in the early moments of the episode when she bumps into Judge Benner outside the dry cleaners and later makes a big impression when she comes in to give a seminar on unconscious bias.

Amy Acker has been acting since 1997 and the 44-year-old’s most recognisable roles include Root in Person of Interest, Kate Strucker in The Gifted, Esther Edelstein in Suits and Kelly Payton in Alias.


Robert Wu as John Wu

John Wu is the suspect on trial in the jewellery store robbery but there are question marks over the witness testimony.

Taking on the role is Robert Wu who has previously appeared in Survivor’s Remorse, The Shield, Family Guy as well as the films Logan and Ted.


Sarah Levy as Debbie Daines

Sarah Levy cameos as Debbie Daines in episode 10, the jewellery store owner and one of the key witnesses in the trial.

Fans will know Sarah best from her time on Schitt’s Creek where she plays Twyla Sands as well as the 2011 film Larry Crowne which stars Tom Hanks and Julie Roberts.


Ray Wise as Richard Walker

And finally, Ray Wise briefly appears as Richard Walker, an old friend of Mark’s father.

Ray Wise has over 240 acting credits to his name, with some of his most recognisable work coming in Fresh Off the Boat, The Young and the Restless, Mad Men, Newsreaders, How I Met Your Mother, Reaper and a voice role in Batman: The Killing Joke where he played Commissioner Gordon.


All Rise season 2 is airing now on CBS.

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