Lee Westwood’s caddie Helen Storey has always stolen the show at the game, but is he married to his caddie? Here’s a look at Lee and Helen’s relationship.

Helen has been by Lee’s side through his ups and downs, and there is no doubt that people admire their partnership. The two were spotted again at the 2021 Players Championship, where Lee showcased some phenomenal skills. Stepping away from his professional life, here’s a look at Lee’s personal life.

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Is Lee Westwood married to his Caddie?

Lee is not married to his caddie. However, he and Helen have been dating. Helen has been Lee’s caddie since he made it to the 2018 Denmark tournament. Before Helen, Billy Foster used to be Lee’s caddie. Their relationship came to an end due to their disagreements.

“Mine and Billy’s working relationship had got to a point where neither of us were gaining anything from it and we weren’t doing each other any good,” Lee explained in an interview.

He further added, “Billy has obviously been out here for years and is very knowledgeable and wants to use all that knowledge to help somebody, and I could see he wasn’t happy doing that. “So it was just one of those things that had to come to an end. We’ve obviously had a great time the last ten years and been very successful, but I’m 45 now, not 35.”

Even though the pair went their separate ways, Lee assured everyone that it was an amicable split.

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Lee Westwood and Helen Storey relationship

Helen and Lee started dating in 2015 after being introduced by Graham Wylie. Graham is also married to Helen’s sister. Lee has always been vocal about his relationship and has shared a glimpse of their life on his social media.

On Valentine’s Day, he posted a picture with a caption that read: “Not sure how many other players on tour will be calling their caddie their Valentine.” At the same time, Helen also uses her social media to showcase how proud she is of Lee and his accomplishments.

Lee was previously married to Laurae Coltart. The pair ended their relationship in 2015. Laurae alleged Lee had an affair, which he denied. The pair legally finalized their divorce in 2017.