Rumours say Charli D’Amelio died in a car crash, but it’s all fake news. The TikTok star is the victim of a cruel death hoax, and here’s how it all started.

This week, social media has been flooded with posts about TikTok star Charli D’Amelio’s death, and many fans were led to believe she had died in a car crash.

However, the 16-year-old isn’t dead, and she was never in a car crash at all. So why are people saying that she passed away?

Here’s the death hoax explained…

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A YouTube channel predicted Charli would die on March 12th

The death hoax all started because a creepy YouTube channel called 2021 Vision predicted that the TikTok star would die on March 12th.

2021 Vision emerged in February and predicts which celebrities will die this year and on which exact date.

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It’s unknown who runs the account, but the channel has uploaded over 50 videos that all contain the names and dates of celebrities who they claim will pass away in 2021.

The YouTube channel said that Charli D’Amelio would die on Friday, which is why everyone began saying that she had passed away.

Fake news articles said she died in a car crash

As it approached March 12th, the date when Charli D’Amelio was supposedly going to die, a number of fake news articles started appearing about her death.

The articles came from Channel 46 News, a prank site that allows people to create fake news stories and share them to social media.

They claimed that she had died in a car crash, which is how the car crash rumours came about.

Then, the rumours quickly spread on social media and a huge number of people began wrongly believing that Charli was dead when she wasn’t.

Charli deletes her TikTok video

As the death hoax continued to take over social media, things began getting nasty.

People began flooding Charli’s most recent TikTok dance video with cruel comments about her death.

Then, the death comments got so intense that she was forced to delete the video.

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