A clip of that shows a girl coughing on her Uber driver, and ripping off his face mask, has gone viral.

The video in question shows three riders in the back seats of the Uber, swearing and yelling at the driver. When the rider gets heated, she pretends to cough over the Uber driver before yanking his facemask from his face and taking his phone.

Subhakar Khadka, the Uber driver, did get his phone back, but was shocked by what happened. The clip was posted online and soon went viral.

The driver claims he picked up the girls on Sunday, March 7th, in San Francisco and realised one wasn’t wearing a mask. According to Subhakar, when she said she didn’t have one, he drove them to a gas station to buy one, which is when she lost her temper.

San Francisco police said in a statement that when the driver stopped the ride, one of them reached into the window and sprayed what they believe to be pepper spray into the car. The Uber driver has said he feels the attack wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t a South Asian immigrant.

See the viral ‘girl coughs on Uber driver’ video here:

The girl’s response to the video

The girl in the video took to an Instagram Live to address the situation, after positing her own clips of the events. One of the four videos was captioned “kidnapped” while another claimed the reason they wouldn’t get out was because they was being dropped “in the hood” so felt unsafe.

She further alleged the same in her Instagram Live, claiming he should have waited to made sure they were safe:

“Everybody I know, 75 percent of people I know would have smacked the s*** out of him or done some crazy ass, off the wall s***. All I did was take his mask off and cough a little bit but I don’t even have corona. 

“I ain’t gonna lie that’s disrespectful as f***. But it could have been avoided, period point blank. It could have been avoided, you could have just waited and made sure we were safe.”

She also joked that she prefers Lyft anyway, but she might find herself with some troubles there now too.

Uber and Lyft’s responses to the video

In a statement, Uber confirmed that the rider had been banned, labelling the behaviour “appalling”. However, the driver has claimed that Uber offered only $120 of the $250 pepper spray cleaning fee needed.

A GoFundMe was set up by an early investor in Uber, to raise the money for the cleaning. Now, the fundraiser has over $54,000.

Lyft also joined forces and put a ban on the girl too. Taking to Twitter, they responded to the events, writing: “Although this incident did not involve the Lyft platform, the unacceptable treatment of the driver in this video compelled us to permanently remove the rider from the Lyft community. Driving in a pandemic is not easy. Please wear a mask, respect one another, and be a good person.”

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