K-pop group 1TEAM have announced they are disbanding, and Twitter fans truly can’t handle it.

1TEAM debuted in March 2019 with their first song VIBE from mini album Hello! The group consists of members Rubin, BC, Jehyun, Jinwoo and Junghoon.

Rubin and BC became widely recognised by Kpop fans after appearing on JTBC’s competition show MIXNINE and Mnet’s Boys24 before joining 1TEAM.

1TEAM via 1TEAM YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YKNEwF11tU)

1TEAM are disbanding

Liveworks, the company that formed 1TEAM, announced the group’s end in a statement to fans. Little detail about why the group are splitting was revealed, but they did confirm that March 14th will be the group’s last day as a band.

This is Liveworks Company.

We appreciate all the love and support you have shown to 1TEAM, and we would like to let you know about the future plans of 1TEAM. Please note that we have put a considerable amount of time into deliberating before reaching this decision.

After long discussions between the 1TEAM members and Liveworks Company, both sides have agreed to end 1TEAM’s official activities as a group on March 14, 2021 and terminate their contract with Liveworks Company as a group.

To all the fans who loved 1TEAM, we sincerely apologize for delivering this news suddenly.

Thank you once again to all the fans worldwide for your love and support for 1TEAM. Please wish the best for the members who will take the next steps in their lives individually. Now they will be headed towards different dreams, not as 1TEAM, and Liveworks Company also wishes the best of luck to all members.

Please note that all of the official 1TEAM channels including FANSHIP will be closed after March 31.

Thank you.”

We have contacted Liveworks for additional information on why 1TEAM has decided to disband.

K-pop fans reacted to the news

Fans of the K-pop group took to Twitter to discuss the shock news of them disbanding, with many tweeting that they’d even been crying.

Many reminisced on the short-lived career, thanking them for the Make This music video:

Some blamed those who ‘slept’ on 1TEAM for them disbanding:

Some spoke of their regrets of not seeing them live, or not paying enough attention:

One fan had even stock-piled 1TEAM’s albums, offering to send them to any fans that wanted one:

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