Fans of Tyler Posey have gone wild after his OnlyFans account has shown semi-nude photos of him online. DISCLAIMER: This article may contain sensitive and NSFW content!

OnlyFans gained popularity for allowing content creators to earn money through the use of their platform, much like Patreon. Its owner is Timothy Stokely and it is based in London.

Celebrities are now flocking to the app and stars such as Cardi B, Bella Thorn and now even Tyler Posey have run of their own accounts and content. So when Posey posted images of himself semi-nude fans went wild!

So, what is this post fans are going crazy over, where Posey bares all?

Tyler Posey: OnlyFans bares all for Teen Wolf Actor

The image of Posey in a chefs hat and apron, wielding a spatula was released on 8th March 2021 in the afternoon on the OnlyFans Twitter account for the actor. The page run by Posey states “EXCLUSIVE CONTENT OF THE ONLYFANS OF THE ACTOR AND SINGER TYLER POSEY. POSTS +18. note: Sometimes I post content that is not from onlyfans”.

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Tyler Posey: OnlyFans garners a response from Posey

Though Posey posted the image on OnlyFans himself and has been known to post semi-nude images on his Instagram, the actor has said it is, “mentally draining”. Following his admittance of how OnlyFans makes the actor feel, many are wondering why he would have joined the platform in the first place, though some say he was encouraged to go on there by his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne.

Posey, like Bella Thorne, aims to be body positive and has said in an interview with her previously that he enjoys being nude and open to new experiences.

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Twitter Responses

For the most part, Twitter users responded to his “Naked chef” photo’s were not well received. Almost resembling what could be perceived to some, as an unsolicited picture of sorts. This paired with how fans feel after his comments of finding the platform tiresome and that he is made to feel like an object, has made his fans doubt his sincerity.

Following the responses toward Posey on social media, it is not known whether the images and account will stay up, at the time of writing this article.

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