There’s good news for Apex Legends fans with the addition of a permanent solo queue option, but there’s even better news for Nintendo Switch gamers as they will soon be able to play the coveted multiplayer title for the very first time. Some people are asking when does Apex Legends come out on Nintendo Switch, and here you’ll discover everything you must know including whether the game is crossplay and cross platform.

To celebrate the game’s long-awaited arrival on the handheld system, Respawn is hosting a Chaos Theory Collection event for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, but those who are playing on the handheld system will also get an exclusive Pathfinder skin.

With all of the above now known, below you’ll discover if Apex Legends is crossplay on Nintendo Switch.

When does Apex Legends come out on Nintendo Switch?

The release date for when Apex Legends will come out on Nintendo Switch is March 9th.

In addition to knowing the release date for when Apex Legends will come out on Nintendo Switch, the system’s eStore says its file size is 25.0 GB.

There was gameplay shown during the most recent Direct showcase and it looked better than okay.

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Seeing as this is the first time handheld gamers will be able to enjoy Respawn’s multiplayer title, they will be treated to an exclusive Pathfinder skin plus other luxuries.

These luxuries include double XP for the first two weeks post launch and 30 free battle pass levels.

Does Apex Legends have cross platform on Nintendo Switch?

Apex Legends is crossplay and cross platform on Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends does have cross platform play with consoles and PC, meaning you should be able to play with mates on PlayStation and Xbox.

This comes via the EA website, which says that newcomers to the game on the handheld system will also get 30 free battle pass levels for Season 8.

All of the above is fantastic news and there’s only one day left to wait.

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