Sungjin from Korean rock band DAY6 has shocked fans by suddenly announcing his military enlistment through a VLIVE stream to his fans. Here’s everything you missed from his livestream such as when he will return.

K-Pop fans always dread the time when their favourite idol group announces that they will need to fulfill their mandatory military duties. This time, it’s Park Sungjin’s turn, also known as the leader of JYP Entertainment’s rock band DAY6.

His announcement comes as a shock to fans as DAY6 has scheduled an April 2021 comeback with a full album, featuring all five members. Members Jae and Sungjin went on a hiatus in 2020 due to anxiety symptoms.

Sungjin took to VLIVE with his new buzz cut to inform his fans of the news while in the car on the way to the training location. If you missed his stream, then here’s all the information you need, including when he will be back and any album spoilers.

The 28-year-old is the first member from DAY6 to leave for his duties. It is likely that Young K or Wonpil will be the next to enlist as they are the next oldest members. Jae is the oldest member but is not a Korean citizen, therefore has no requirement.

Highlights from Sungjin’s VLIVE

  1. It is rare for K-Pop idols and musicians to announce their military duties so late. Usually, there would be a prior official notice from entertainment companies.
    Sungjin said that the late news was his personal request and he did not want to worry his fans. The decision was made approximately one month ago.

2. Sungjin will complete his duties on September 7 2022, which will coincidentally be DAY6’s 7th anniversary.

3. As every good leader does, Sungjin gave fans a spoiler to the upcoming album: there will be seven songs.
In his previous VLIVE on February 28, he confirmed that the music video and jacket filming was complete and mentioned that there will be no promotional activities – now we know why!

4. After his duties, he will definitely continue to be part of DAY6. He said: “I’ll continue to do DAY6 activities when I come back from the military” and “I think I was able to decide in this way, because I trust the fans and the members.”

Reactions to Sungjin’s enlistment

The other DAY6 members took to social media to bid their leader farewell.

On Twitter, Jae said: “Sungjin, I love you”

Their rapper, vocalist and bassist Young K was working at the time Sungjin told their fans so he has not posted a farewell message yet. Though, there are clips showing Young K watching the VLIVE and waving goodbye to his phone.

On his Instagram story, synthesizer Wonpil uploaded a photo of Sungjin with the caption “Go and come back well! Love you!”.

Obviously the fans are sad but a lot of them are just surprised that Sungjin only told them a few hours before he disappears for a year and half.

And numerous tweets just about his new haircut:

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