The release date for Attack on Titan chapter 138 has been officially confirmed, read a full breakdown of the premiere here!

Attack on Titan, otherwise known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is a favourite for many an Otaku. The manga was released in September 2009 and has been going strong ever since its debut.

With millions of readers around the world, the release of the next chapter is eagerly awaited.

So, what time and date will chapter 138 be released and will there be any spoilers?

Attack on Titan chapter 138: Release date

  • According to the Attack on Titan Wiki account on Twitter, Attack on Titan chapter 138 will release on 9th March 2021 (Japan time).

After over 11 years of the manga, creator Hajime Isayama is bringing it to an end with the final volume set to be released in June.

Chapter 138 is the second to last chapter of volume 34. With the final chapter of this volume already having a release date (April 9th 2021), there are some high expectations for it.

Fans are eagerly awaiting, as it seems to be make-or-break for the next chapter, with many readers teetering on the edge of their seats and taking to Twitter to voice their expectations:

Attack on Titan 138: Release time

So when will this chapter be released you ask?

According to Blocktoro, the latest chapter will be released at the times below, varying for each time zone.

  • Pacific Time 7 AM
  • Central Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM
  • British Time: 3 PM
  • European Time: 4 PM
  • Pakistan time: 8 PM
  • India time: 8:30 PM
  • Japan time: 12 AM
  • Korea Time: 12 AM
  • Australia Central Time: 1: 30 AM

Please remember that these described times have not been officially confirmed and are approximations based on previous chapters. The official translations have been known to arrive both earlier and later described times.

Where you can read Attack on Titan 138?

Previous chapters, as well as the upcoming will be available to read on sites such as:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Kodansha comics
  • Viz Media

They are also available for purchase from sites such as Amazon, MyAnimeList and Forbidden Planet UK.

Attack on Titan 138: Spoilers and leaks

You can read our detailed report on the leaked spoilers here.

At the time of writing this, we are not able to confirm these leaks. We will however keep updating our findings so please do check back with us for regular updates!

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