How much did Eddie Murphy make for Coming 2 America? Here’s why the actor returned in the 2021 sequel after all these years.

What is your favourite Eddie Murphy movie?

The 59-year-old American actor has showcased his talents in a wealth of notable movies over the years, from Shrek to Dolemite Is My Name.

However, many fans would argue that the 1980s was the actor’s undisputed heyday, with the likes of Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places and, of course, Coming to America gracing the screen.

Directed by John Landis, this 1988 comedy has gone on to become a classic and is often regarded as the actor’s finest and funniest outing.

While most never expected a sequel, we finally have one courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Audiences are invited back to Zamunda from Friday, March 5th 2021, but how much did Eddie Murphy make for Coming 2 America?

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How much did Eddie Murphy make for Coming 2 America?

  • It’s uncertain how much Eddie Murphy made for Coming 2 America. However, his passion in interviews and his determination to get the project moving suggests it wasn’t about the money at all.

You may hear some fans arguing that Eddie never had eyes on a sequel for the movie, and to some extent, that’s true.

Speaking with Sky News ahead of the release, he explained:

“I totally was not thinking about doing a sequel to this movie because the story ended and they lived happily ever after, that was the end of it and we went on with our lives. But then Coming To America, of all the movies that I’ve done in the last 40 years, Coming To America is the only one that became like a cult movie… that’s when I got the idea.”

He added: “So 25 years later, it was like, wow, if we could figure out a way to connect these dots, we could [make a] Coming to America sequel, there are people that would go see it.”

So, it’s the lasting love for the movie and its growing status within pop culture that encouraged Eddie to return.

The origins of Coming 2 America

Interestingly, it was actually seeing a de-aged Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2015’s Terminator Genisys that made him release the team could pull it off: “That’s when we got the dot to connect. If we take that technology and make me and Arsenio [Hall] young, we can continue the scene in the club. Then the whole story just started writing itself.”

After finishing Dolemite Is My Name with director Craig Brewer, Eddie felt he was perfect for the project, asserting that “Craig has to do this”.

So, after a screening of Dolemite Is My Name at Netflix, Eddie headed to his car – Arsenio Hall was there – and said “so… Coming to America 2. Are you interested in that?”

It began to come together, and here we are, welcomed back to chow down on some McDowell’s with Akeem and the gang once again.

McFlurby, anyone?

Coming 2 America is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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