Why was ‘RIP Jeremy Renner’ trending on Twitter? It’s not what you think it is.

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner became the talk of social media yesterday, March 3rd, when ‘RIP Jeremy Renner’ took over timelines.

No, Jeremy Renner is not dead. Although you’d be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion from the hashtag, he is still alive. Instead, the actor is seemingly being ‘cancelled’ by some people on Twitter.

Admittedly however, the tag did gain attraction and climbed the trending chart mainly from people’s confusion, rather than people trying to ‘cancel’ him.

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So, why is ‘RIP Jeremy Renner’ trending?

Although the reason the story has been resurfaces is unclear, it appears that some Twitter users shared Jeremy Renner’s ongoing custody battle.

The custody battle with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco over daughter Ava began in 2019, when she filed for sole custody. Sonni Pacheco made a series of allegations in her filing, including drug abuse and a story involving shooting a gun.

Jeremy Renner however has denied these allegations, and filed his own sole custody request too. He also made similar allegations about his ex-wife, accusing her of being the one with issues.

The custody hearings are still ongoing but the latest update is that Jeremy Renner reportedly requested for his child support to be lowered due to coronavirus losses.

At the time of the news, reports suggested that Jeremy could be dropped from the upcoming Hawkeye TV show with Marvel. However, he’s currently in Atlanta shooting the show with Hailee Steinfeld.

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Why else has he been ‘cancelled’?

After ‘RIP Jeremy Renner’ began trending, Twitter users also delved into other moments of his past, this time citing his language.

Twitter users resurfaced past interviews of the actor reportedly saying the N-word, using transphobic language in a 2010 interview, and a series of other dated terms.