A season 4 promo for Miraculous Ladybug has been released and many fans are wondering who the new queen bee in the next series is. Could it be Amber Bourgeois?

The animated series, which come from French studios Zagtoon and Method Animation, has gained a loyal fan base and incredible support.

The show is set to return for its fourth season in summer 2021 and season 5 will premiere in 2022.

Miraculous Ladybug debuted on the French channel TF1 in 2015 before it premiered on Nickelodeon in the same year and was then picked up by Disney Channel in 2019.

The hit animation has recently dropped a season 4 teaser and fans have one question on their minds – who is the new queen bee?

NEW Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Promo, Cartoon Apocalypse

Miraculous Ladybug: Season 4

Miraculous Ladybug will return for a much-anticipated fourth season in summer 2021.

The series follows the adventures of two teenagers with secret identities, Marinette and Adrien, who transform into superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively.

The teaser video revealed Ladybug in a new superhero suit, as well as a new vehicle and hairstyle which means that there are a lot of things to look forward to in the new series.

In addition to the upcoming two seasons, Disney+ has confirmed that all five seasons will be available on its global streaming platform.

Who is the new queen bee?

While it hasn’t been confirmed who the new queen bee is, several social media users shared their speculations on who that could be.

A lot of fans are convinced that the new queen bee might be Chloe’s long-lost sister Amber Bourgeois.

“So in season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug there is a new queen bee but the new queen bee is rumoured to be Chloe’s sister Amber,” suggested one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, there are people who believe that Chloe might remain the queen bee.

One person said: “I honestly hope that queen bee is still Chloe with a different hairstyle.”

Another one wrote: ” I actually wished Chloe would still be queen bee.. all her character development is basically thrown away, she deserves a little clarity? Maybe she is but from the looks of it I don’t know.”

Miraculous Ladybug and Disney+ partnership

Founder and CEO of ZAG Entertainment Jeremy Zag has spoken of the show’s partnership with Disney+ (via ANB Media) and said:

“Disney has been a key partner in bringing Miraculous Ladybug to audiences everywhere, and we are grateful for their creative support and trust for this next chapter. We are excited to be extending our relationship to Disney+ and to be part of their compelling new platform.

“We are naturally delighted by the impressive ratings for the first of the TV Event premieres and grateful for the support of our Miraculous fans who tuned in.”

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