The Bachelorette season 16 has come to an end and fans are looking back to relive who the winner was as well as see who The bachelorette is for 2021.

The Dating game show, The Bachelorette first debuted in 2003, where it was aired on NBC as a spin-off to the American reality show, The Bachelor.

The last season’s show had fans fired up with a big change in the 4th episode that would alter the fate of who was to be crowned winner, so early on in season 16. Now fans are looking to the next season already to see who the new Bachelorette will be.

Reeling off the last season, fans are left wondering, who is The Bachelorette for 2021?

Who is The Bachelorette 2021?

  • Katie Thurston is rumoured to be the Bachelorette 2021. Though there is no confirmation of this leak, it comes from a reliable source.

Katie Thurston appears to be a top contender for The Bachelorette 2021. Thurston appeared in The Bachelor but did not win. The Bachelor winner for 2021 was Rebbeca Kufrin.

Thurston has been named by Reality Steve, who has said she is to lead the next season of the dating show which is set to film this year in 2021.

Who is Katie Thurston?

Katie Thurston is a bank marketing manager from Washington, USA. The 29-year-old is known for her personality on The Bachelor, as being outspoken and sex-positive.

Thurston left the show single, making her an ideal candidate to be the next Bachelorette of season 17.

She has a Beacons page where she displays sites where she works on serious matters such as Anti-Racism and Be The Match, an organisation dedicated to fighting cancer and finding potential blood stem cell donors.

Her bio from when she went on The Bachelor states:

– “Katie’s idea of a fun date is going skinny-dipping.
– Katie would love to host her own talk show one day.
– Katie once planned a dog flash mob that got a huge turnout.”

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Where will The Bachelorette 2021 be filmed?

As well as stating that Thurston is rumoured to be the next Bachelorette for this season, Reality Steve has also confirmed on Twitter, that the show will be filmed at Hyatt Regency Tamaya resort and spa. A unique hotel which is “Nestled on 550 acres of the Native American Santa Ana Pueblo between the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River”.

This means The Bachelorette and her contestants will be flying out to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Bachelorette: Clare’s Crawley

Film producers were left shocked when Clare Crawley decided she would no longer film. Crawley reportedly found love with the man she gave her first impression rose to, Dale Moss.

Crawley and Moss have been together since the end of the show and are even said to be engaged. So while there was no winner picked for the show, it’s clear to see who the winner was for Crawley.

Crawley was then replaced by a new Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams, who kept the remaining contestants on from Crawley’s run as Bachelorette.

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The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams

Tayshia Adams is well recognised for her appearance in The Bachelorette, appearing after the show had already started with Crawley. She is now known as a TV personality and influencer.

When Adams took over in the fifth episode as The Bachelorette, 31 contestants were already in the show. However, producers felt it right to put an additional 4 members in, bringing the total to 35 contestants.

Spencer was given the first impression rose and Tayshia did not hand out any roses during the cocktail party.

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Who was the winner for season 16?

The official winner of The Bachelorette’s season 16, is Zac Clark, otherwise known on the show as Zac C. He is “an addiction specialist who started a recovery program“. Originally Zac is from Haddonfield, New Jersey.

He is the Co-Founder of Release Recovery and the Release Recovery Foundation. He works on this foundation alongside his friend, Justin Garland. They state on their official Instagram page that they are “Spreading Love to Individuals Affected by Addiction and Mental Illness”.

Zac and Tayshia have maintained their relationship since the show ended and can be seen frequently on one another’s official Instagram accounts.

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