Murder Among the Mormons releases today, March 3rd, on Netflix and introduces viewers to Shannon Flynn, a key part of the events. Read on to find out more about him, where he is now, and if he’s still a Mormon.

The documentary tells the story of Mark Hofmann, a convicted murderer and expert forger, who duped the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the Mormon Church, links to history and preserving it are important, which made religious artefacts and documents the prime target for Hoffman.

He made a career of scamming buyers, creating fake documents of religious occasions and selling them, under the guise of being a rare book dealer.

However, his schemes began to unravel and so in a bid to buy himself time, he made two bombs, killing Steven Christensen and Kathy Sheets. When the third bomb accidentally went off in his own car, the ruse was up.  

Who is Shannon Flynn?

Throughout Murder Among the Mormons, Shannon Flynn retells a large portion of the story, giving insider knowledge of the con-artist. Shannon began his career as a rare document dealer in his late teen years after taking an interest into Mormonism.

He met Mark Hofmann in a book shop, as both their jobs heavily relied on them. The pair became good friends, and even embarked on legitimate (on Shannon’s side) business deals and trips together.

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In fact, the pair were so close that Shannon was interrogated and had his house raided following the murders. He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, but was eventually cleared of being connected to the murders in any way.

still from Shannon Flynn’s Gospel Tangents interview via YouTube (

Where is he now?

Now, Shannon runs a parking lot maintenance business in Phoenix, Arizona, according to Deseret. In 2017, he gave a series of interviews about the forgery and murders with Gospel Tangents. Gospel Tangents also wrote a book from the discussions called ‘Shannon Flynn: Inside Look at Mark Hofmann’.

Is Shannon Flynn still a Mormon?

Although there’s no definite confirmation on whether or not Shannon Flynn is still a Mormon, blog By Common Consent features a guest post about Mormon books and studies by a Shannon Flynn as recent as 2018.

“Shannon Flynn is a lifelong student of Mormon History and a member of the Mormon History Association,” reads the beginning. So unless there’s another Shannon Flynn who happens to be an expert in Mormon books, it may well be the same one.

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