Season 7 of The Flash has begun airing on The CW but the mention of one character has left fans asking “what happened to Cisco in The Flash?”

Season 7 of The Flash has arrived on The CW but the show’s cast hasn’t been fully reassembled just yet.

While Barry Allen and Team Flash returned to our screens in an attempt to track down the troublesome Eva McCulloch, there was a noticeable absence from the opening episode.

Cisco, played by Carlos Valdes, is mentioned in the episode but beyond that he doesn’t appear, sparking questions from fans who have been left asking “what happened to Cisco in The Flash?”

The Flash | Season 7 Trailer | The CW

The Flash | Season 7 Trailer | The CW

The Flash season 7

Season 7 of The Flash zoomed onto The CW in the US on March 2nd, 2021.

The new season continues the story of Barry Allen and Team Flash as they work to round up the devious Eva McCulloch who is running riot around Central City.

The CW

What happened to Cisco in The Flash?

  • Cisco was last seen in season 6 as he left Team Flash to investigate the newly rebooted multiverse and Earth-Prime.

Francisco Baracus  “Cisco” Ramon has been a near-constant figure in The Flash since the show first hit our screens in 2014.

Throughout that time, thanks to his close proximity to the particle accelerator, Cisco has developed and subsequently lost some meta-human powers.

For a time, Cisco was able to manipulate the vibrational energy of reality earning him the nickname, Vibe.

However, after losing his powers in the multiverse reboot, Cisco felt he would be of more use to the group if he left to explore and catalogue the new reality and its differences from Earth-1.

His departure from Team Flash left fans fearing that he would be gone for good but according to Distractify, Cisco’s absence wasn’t originally supposed to be this long.

Cisco was due to return in the latter episodes of season 6 but thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and production delays it caused, Cisco’s return never happened in the shorted season 6.

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Cisco in season 7

In episode 1 of season 7, Cisco is only mentioned in passing during a conversation.

However, in the most recent trailer for season 7, Cisco looks to be playing a key role in the episodes to come.

With Eva McCulloch on the loose and proving too much for a depleted Barry Allen, Team Flash looks set to reassemble, Cisco included.

As a result, it hopefully won’t be long until Carlos Valdes’ character is back on our screens.

The Flash season 7 is airing weekly on The CW after arriving on March 2nd, 2021.

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