Gen Z has been trying to cancel Eminem on TikTok, which has sparked a fierce rival with Twitter users as they have jumped to the defence of the iconic American rapper.

Social media has always been a place where celebrities get cancelled. This time, rapper Eminem became target no.1 after Gen Z decided to take a dig at the rapper, due to his lyrics. Nonetheless, millennials decided to hit right back and jump to his defence with a Twitter vs TikTok battle currently unfolding.

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Millennials respond to Gen Z’s problem with Eminem

What started as a TikTok cancellation has now become a war between generations. Eminem is one of the most famous rappers in the game and while some Gen Z have been trying to cancel him, the 48-year-old’s loyal fans have been quick to support his corner during this time.

It all started when TikTok users called out Eminem for his “problematic” lyrics. One of the most talked-about lyrics is in the song ‘Love The Way You Lie’, which reads:

“If she ever tries to f**king leave again
I’mma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.”

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Twitter reacts to Eminem’s cancellation

However, Twitter has decided to hit back in defense of Eminem.

The main cause of this is the age difference between the two platforms, which Twitter known as a social site for Millenials, opposed to TikTok the current home of Gen Z. Here are some of the best reactions:

Some rap reply for people who want to cancel Eminem:

Some are already challenging Gen Z

How they think Eminem feels:

Next album idea?

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