A man has gone viral on TikTok for imitating actor Tom Cruise using deepfake technology. Meet Miles Fisher!

In late February, a video emerged on TikTok that confused everyone. In the clip, a man who appeared to be Hollywood actor Tom Cruise played golf, leading many to believe that the 58-year-old had joined TikTok.

The video quickly went viral and racked up over nine million views. However, it turns out Tom Cruise hasn’t actually made a TikTok profile at all, it’s all a deepfake.

But what is a deepfake? And who is behind the fake Tom Cruise videos? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Tom Cruise deepfakes go viral on TikTok

Three Tom Cruise deepfake videos have now been posted on TikTok by @deeptomcruise, and they’ve been getting a lot of attention on the social media app.

A deepfake is a media process that involves taking an existing image or video and replacing it with someone else’s likeness. So, essentially they are faking the content but making it look scarily real using computer editing techniques.

Tom Cruise hasn’t actually joined TikTok, someone has simply impersonated Tom Cruise and then edited his real appearance and voice onto the video to make it appear like it’s actually him.

The resemblance is scary, and it’s not hard to see why it fooled so many internet users. So who is behind the Tom Cruise impersonations?

Meet the man behind the Tom Cruise deepfakes

If you’re a fan of the Tom Cruise deepfake videos, the person you need to thank is Miles Fisher.

Miles is a famous actor who’s been in a number of TV shows and films including Mad Men and Final Destination. The 37-year-old was born in Dallas and attended Harvard University, but he now lives in Los Angeles.

In the 2008 film Superhero Movie, he parodied Tom Cruise, which is perhaps where the idea for the Tom Cruise deepfakes originated.

Miles has a very strong resemblance to Tom Cruise in real life, so by using deepfake technology as well, his likeness to the actor is uncanny.

Follow Miles Fisher on Instagram

Miles is pretty big on Instagram, with over 78,000 followers.

You can follow him here.

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