Have your Instagram likes suddenly disappeared? Here’s why the app is hiding likes.

Lots of Instagram users panicked on Tuesday when they logged into their account to find that they couldn’t see how many likes any posts had.

The error was affecting people across the US, although it turns out it wasn’t actually a mistake after all.

Well, the app has admitted that it didn’t mean to remove likes for so many accounts. But, it is actually something that they are planning on rolling out in the future.

Here’s why Instagram is hiding likes.

Instagram (Unsplash)

Instagram removed likes by accident

On Tuesday (March 2nd), a number of US-based Instagram users began taking to social media to report that they could no longer see how many likes any posts had. Why did they suddenly disappear?

Well, Instagram told CNN Business that they removed the likes by accident. In a statement, a spokesperson for Facebook said:

“We’ve been testing a new experience to hide likes on posts. We unintentionally added more people to the test today, which was a bug — we’re fixing this issue and restoring like counts to those people as soon as possible.”

However, they admitted the mistake was actually part of a test that they will likely be rolling out to all accounts in the future.

Instagram is committed to hiding likes

Whilst the mass like removal was a mistake, this is actually something that Instagram is rolling out.

Back in 2019, the app announced that it would be taking away likes to combat the negative effect that likes can have on people’s mental health. This means that you’d no longer be able to see how many likes a post had unless that post was your own.

Many people weren’t happy about the change, but Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri told Wired: “We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health.”

At the time, Instagram only rolled out the feature in certain countries around the world. However, after Tuesday’s mistake test, it seems as though like removal could be coming soon for US users.

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