Genshin Impact has been a fantastic game since its launch in September, and miHoYo reportedly earned close to $800m in 2020. The game’s success comes from the frequency of its updates as well as because of its fantastic roster of playable characters. A new hero has been added in the much-anticipated Hu Tao, and her debut comes with a story quest and dungeon. Some people are struggling with the Perfect Send-Off, and here you’ll discover the solution for how to complete the Hu Tao domain puzzle in Genshin Impact.

While the arrival of the Pyro character has been anticipated for awhile thanks to prominent leaks dating back to January at least, her time in the spotlight will be shortlived as the release date for update 1.4 should come about in a couple of weeks. You only have until March 16th to pull the ghost gal, and the shorter duration of her banner is in accordance with update 1.3 thanks to the release of three banners rather than the usual two.

However, away from being able to pull the character, here you’ll discover how to solve the Hu Tao domain puzzle for Perfect Send-Off in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Perfect Send-Off

Perfect Send-Off is a part of the Hu Tao story quest in Genshin Impact.

As part of the Papilio Charontis Hu Tao story quest in Genshin Impact, the Perfect Send-Off objective simply asks players to follow the path to the border.

After first speaking to Hu Tao and following some steps, you will eventually enter a dungeon.

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However, while her story quest is largely straightforward, there is a puzzle in the domain involving soul orbs.

Below you’ll discover how to open the dungeon door so you can complete the story quest.

How to open the Hu Tao dungeon door in Genshin Impact

You need two soul orbs to open the dungeon door to complete the Hu Tao domain puzzle in Genshin Impact.

So, to open the dungeon door and complete the Perfect Send-Off for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, you must grab the soul orb in front of you and then travel left through the door that has a massive spider web.

Continue travelling forward until you fall in a slew of water, and then simply keep swimming forwards until you arrive back to land.

Keep moving forward, burn the vines blocking your way, walk across the bridge, pass the crates in front of you, and then approach the door which will slide open pillar by pillar.

Walk through the door, turn left, grab the soul orb that has spawned, and now you will have two soul orbs circling your character.

In order to complete the Hu Tao domain puzzle for Perfect Send-Off, all you need to do now is approach and light up each of the lanterns beside the dungeon door.

The dungeon door will light up and open, resulting in another great Genshin Impact cut-scene after you enter.

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