Popular children’s book and TV show Curious George is being ‘cancelled’ on Twitter, but why? Here’s what’s going on.

This week, children’s book author Dr. Seuss has been ‘cancelled’ after people began uncovering a number of ‘racist’ undertones in his books.

On Tuesday (March 2nd), Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that six of his books will stop being published due to racist and insensitive imagery.

Now, another famous children’s book is at risk of being ‘cancelled’. Here’s why Curious George is getting backlash.

Curious George

Twitter users are saying Curious George ‘cancelled’

As people continue to discuss the backlash surround Dr. Seuss, Curious George has also become a hot topic of conversation on social media.

Curious George is a monkey who is the main character in the popular children’s books and TV series of the same name, written by Margret and H. A. Rey. George.

The books were first written in 1939 and were turned into a Nickelodeon show and then later a PBS Kids show and was very popular amongst children.

On Tuesday, a number of posts started flooding Twitter saying that Curious George is ‘cancelled’, but where did it all start?

Well, the Twitter account for The Daily Caller, a news website founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and conservative political pundit Neil Patel tweeted: “Curious George is ‘cancelled’.”

This prompted a widespread Twitter debate as some people agreed with the statement and others rushed to protect their favourite childhood show from dreaded ‘cancellation’. So why is it getting ‘cancelled’?

Why is Curious George ‘cancelled’?

Alongside The Daily Caller’s tweet was a screenshot that explains exactly why the book series and TV show is being ‘cancelled’.

The screenshot contained an excerpt from an article about children’s books and characters that have ‘racist’ undertones. A highlighted part of the article said:

“Critics have also faulted the Curious George books for their premise of a white man bringing home a monkey from Africa.”

Curious George is about a monkey who was brought from his home in Africa to ‘the city’ by ‘The Man with The Yellow Hat’.

Some people are arguing on Twitter that the books should be ‘cancelled’ due to their association with racism. However, others are objecting the ‘cancellation’.

Twitter users object Curious George’s ‘cancellation’

After news of Curious George being ‘cancelled’ broke on social media, a number of fans have rushed to defend the show.

One person tweeted: “Curious George is getting cancelled ..? THATS LIKE MY FAVORITE KIDS SHOW WTF.”

Curious George was the GOAT (greatest of all time) of my early childhood… I will not allow it to be cancelled,” wrote another.

Another person said: “I draw the line when Curious George gets cancelled. Like chill Curious George should not get cancelled. Thats my childhood.”

Will Curious George be ‘cancelled’ like Dr. Seuss was? Only time will tell.

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