All American fans have been left asking “what happened to Layla’s dad?” after JP Keating looked a little different when he appeared in season 3, episode 7.

All American has proven to be enthralling viewing since it returned to The CW for season 3.

In episode 7, titled Roll the Dice, the gang end up in Las Vegas for the State Championships and are put up in a luxury apartment thanks to Layla’s dad, JP Keating.

However, when we meet him in the episode, Layla’s father looks a little different, which has prompted fans to ask “what happened to Layla’s dad in All American?”

All American | Our House | Extended Season Trailer | The CW

All American | Our House | Extended Season Trailer | The CW

All American season 3 on The CW

Season 3 of All American arrived on The CW on January 18th, 2021.

The new season arrived several months later than originally planned thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The wait has been worthwhile, however, as the new instalment has cranked up the drama and in episode 7, the gang travels to Las Vegas for the State Championships.

The CW

What happened to Layla’s dad?

  • Layla’s dad, JP Keating, has been recast in season 3.

Layla’s father, JP Keating, has only appeared in a handful of All American episodes since the show launched in 2018 but fans were quick to spot that the character looked a little different in season 3, episode 7.

That’s because the character has been recast. According to RepublicWorld, the original actor playing Layla’s father, Elvis Nolasco, was unavailable for filming due to Covid-related travel restrictions.

As a result, a new actor was drafted in at the last minute to take on the role in what proved to be a pivotal episode.

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Who plays JP Keating now?

  • Ray Campbell plays JP Keating in All American season 3.

Ray Campbell will be a familiar face for many TV fans.

The actor made his debut in the industry in 1996’s Night Falls on Manhatten and in the years since, he’s gone on to appear in around 40 acting roles according to IMDb.

Ray Campbell’s most notable appearances have come in Breaking Bad and its prequel series, Better Call Saul, where he plays the role of Tyrus Kitt in over 20 episodes

Besides that, Ray has appeared in How to Get Away with Murder, For Better or Worse, The Shield and single-episode appearances in SEAL Team, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NCIS and its New Orleans and Los Angeles spin-offs.

All American season 3 continues weekly on The CW after premiering on January 18th, 2021.

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