Is TommyInnit dead? Did he lose his last life? In this week’s gaming news, many fans were devastated to learn that things might be over for TommyInnit’s character on Dream SMP.

The rivalry between Twitch streamers TommyInnit and Dream has been one of the most exciting things to watch on the Dream SMP server lately.

However, yesterday there was an unexpected update about Tommy’s fate as he tweeted that his character has died.

So, is TommyInnit really dead on Dream SMP?

Screenshot – Tommy’s Final Canon Death on Dream SMP

Is Tommyinnit dead on Dream SMP?

TommyInnit revealed that his character on Dream SMP is dead.

“Just died,” the YouTuber and Twitch streamer tweeted on Monday, March 1st, leaving many fans and followers heartbroken.

A lot of social media users have been hoping that Tommy is not actually dead as he might have remaining canon lives.

However, Tommy’s character got killed twice by Dream during the War for L’Manbergian Independence. And since he had three canon lives, yesterday was his final canon death, meaning that his journey on Dream SMP is over.

Who is Tommyinnit?

Tommyinnit, whose real name is Thomas Simons, is a 16-year-old YouTube star and Twitch streamer.

He gained popularity for his collaborations with fellow streamers on the Dream SMP server, gaining 6.75 million subscribers on YouTube.

Tommy is regarded as one of the fastest-rising breakout gamers in the Minecraft community and his gaming videos consist of Dream SMP, SMP Earth, Minecraft Championship, among others.

Fans react on Twitter

A lot of fans took to Twitter and YouTube to share their reactions and theories after learning about Tommy’s fate on Dream SMP.

“Most anticlimatic death on the smp, honestly,” reacted one person.

“I feel genuinely bad for Tommy. He has suffered a lot in the past and he’s been killed by his enemy, Dream,” someone else added.

Meanwhile, another user has a different theory about Tommy’s death, and wrote: “Plot twist: He ended his journey on the SMP because his final exams were coming!”

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