A couple have gone viral on TikTok after filming their cat having a spa day. Watch the hilarious sketch here!

We’re only two days into March and we’ve already got a contender for most viral video of the month.

It comes from a TikTok user called @dontstopmeowing and involves a totally chilled-out cat having a human spa day.

It’s just as hilarious as it sounds and will definitely put a smile on your face. Watch it below!

@dontstopmeowing on TikTok

TikTok couple go viral after giving their cat a spa day

This week, a video was posted to TikTok that’s completely taken over the app. In just one day, it’s broken the internet, with 42 million views, 9.1 million likes and 118,000 comments as of March 2nd.

The video in question sees a couple filming their cat on a spa day, and we’re not talking about just a bath and a brush. The comedic sketch sees their cat, whose name is Chase, having a human-like spa day, and it’s totally hilarious.

First, the woman walks in to find her boyfriend and cat lying on a bed which has been made to look like a spa bed. They both have cucumber over their eyes and a towel over their body as spa music plays in the background.

How did they get their cat to stay in that position for so long? Who knows. That really is one well trained cat! And he was clearly enjoying the spa day too, because when she takes the cucumber off of his eyes, he meows and refuses to move.

The caption says “Chase was vibing”, and he certainly was. Watch the hilarious video below!

Social media users react to the cat spa day video

The cat spa day video was a big hit with social media users, and it’s not just on TikTok that it’s been going viral. The video has also had over 10 million views on Twitter, and people are taking to the site to react to it.

One person wrote: “I wish I could be as comfy as that cat having a spa day in that one TikTok video.”

“I can’t stop watching this. I wanna have some spa day with a cat too. I’m not even a pet person,” said another.

A third person wrote: “The cat having a spa day has to be the most hilarious s*** I’ve seen today. Love it.”

So who is behind the genius Cat Spa Day video?

Who made the cat spa video?

The video was made by a couple called Kareem and Fifi who run the TikTok account @dontstopmeowing.

If you’re a fan of the cat spa video, you’ll be pleased to know that their whole account is dedicated to their cat Chase and contains loads more hilarious cat skits.

In fact, they have a huge three million followers, and you can also follow them on Instagram under the same name.

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